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Our Mission

Bama Elite provides elite field and box lacrosse experiences in Northern Alabama. Our certified coaching staff’s number one focus is developing men of character. Coaches facilitate this development by creating competitive and challenging practice plans that give players a platform to display new lacrosse skills, game IQ, and leadership techniques. The competition also allows our players to work hard, be competitive, and learn how to be respectful during competition.


Our Coaches provide consistent practice structure and expectations. This will lead to increased comprehension and communication that builds trust between coaching staff and players, ultimately creating a consistent and familiar culture, where players can become the best version of themselves all while having fun. The framework we construct allows Bama Elite to consistently provide an elite field and box lacrosse experience in Northern Alabama.

"I wanted you to know this lacrosse experience was the best experience Reece has had in his 10 years of playing summer. Your professionalism, communication and interest in each player really showed! Thank you!"

– Reene Hodges

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